Archive | August, 2011

Mortality and Grief

22 Aug
Wading in the Sandy River
and watching the waves gently rock and sparkle in sunset,
I picture the Ganges with dead babies and cows floating past.
On a sand bed centered in the river
I see a large tree branch lying,
from which small branches curve in the same direction,
as though this were half the ribcage
of a dead water buffalo lying on its back.
I remember this week’s news:
My Aunt Barbara lying in her condo for five days,
dead and alone.

Book Proposal

7 Aug

On Friday I started writing a book proposal for my travel memoir, Every Day is Magical: a Buddhist Pilgrimage in
India and Nepal. As soon as the proposal is complete, I’ll start sending query letters to agents.

That said, I haven’t worked on it since Friday and need to go back over the manuscript in order to finish the outline–I don’t remember the
exact order of everything on the trip. The next step after that is marketing ideas…before I start contacting agents.