So Much to Write and Revise

3 Nov

Before registering with NaNoWriMo, I should have considered that I might have another edit coming from Wormhole Electric. Sure enough, it came yesterday, so I’ll be working on a third edit on my novella Witch’s Familiar, which will be published in Wormhole Electric on November
25 (or rather, the first episode of seven, since they publish in serial form). At least they’re giving me chances; most magazine editors start reading the draft I sent them and reject the manuscript outright rather than say they’ll publish it after some revision.

I wish open rejections–“We’ll publish it if you make these changes”–were much more common, rather than closed rejections. That said, I realize that journals (and literary agents) receive a great many submissions and don’t have time to give unknown authors that much attention. Yet unknown authors, if anything, need more attention than extremely famous authors.

Between now and November 15, I’ll not only be busy with a developmental edit and with my NaNoWriMo manuscript, but I’ll also be revising theWitch’s Familiar manuscript, since its due dates is November 15. This is what I’ve always wanted to do–be a full-time author without a day job. However, I imagined it with enough royalties to live on.

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