Sarasvati Dream

30 Dec
I had a dream in which I was staying at my parents’ house, and they were there, but so was a young woman I’d never met before; she may have been Indian. I went into the bathroom, and the tub was full of water and bubble bath and a colorful plastic Sarasvati statue (she wore a red sari) that served as a water fountain—water spouted out of her hands. It may have created an arc the shape of a rainbow. Later I went into the bathroom again with the intention of taking a shower, and although the tub was drained, the Sarasvati statue was in the tub again, sitting on the floor of it. I considered taking her out, but then it occurred to me that she filled at most half the tub’s floor, and  I could leave her in there while I took my shower.

Sarasvati is my favorite Hindu goddess—she and Durga are the two I relate to the most. Sarasvati is the goddess of the arts and knowledge and wisdom. According to the New Book of Goddesses and Heroines, Sarasvati is a water goddess in addition to an eloquence goddess and a role model for female artists (p. 273).
Although I read a book called Hindu Goddesses before I went to India, I’d forgotten Sarasvati’s association with water. It’s appropriate that the dream involved seeing her in the bathtub. It’s also appropriate that I dreamed about her while I’m immersed in writing a novella.


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