Antique Appraisal Dream

12 Jan

I had a dream in which I owned an antique little birdfeeder-shaped blue porcelain pot or vase or whatever from China. It was very pretty. I took it to an antique shop to get it appraised. The shop was owned by an old Chinese (or Chinese American) couple, and the woman sat behind a big wooden desk while I handed over the vase. I woke up before finding out how much it was worth. I think in the dream I was considering selling it because I didn’t have a job and the economy sucks.

After I woke up, I remembered that my dad and I had stopped at an antique store in Multnomah Village and my dad had told the store owner about the dog picture (he claims my grandmother bought it in Paris in the 1930s and that it’s by a famous painter, but I doubt the “famous” part), and the original 1914 edition of Tick-Tock of Oz, which has been passed down in our family (and with which I really don’t want to part). He talked about my taking them in and getting them appraised. I have asked him if he’d be offended if I were to sell the painting, and he said no. So there you go.

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