Last Night’s Memorable Dreams

13 Feb

I had a dream in which I was sitting cross-legged on the floor or ground with someone (my dad?) who wasn’t Buddhist, and to our right were a pair of Buddhist monks. One wore mustard yellow and the other wore brown. My dad (or whoever) pointed out them out to me—in speech, not literally pointing—and commented on the fact that they didn’t wear the same color, believing they were from different sects or something. I pointed out that they were both Theravada Buddhists and therefore practiced vipassana, the same kind of meditation as I practice.

I had a dream in which I was on a sort of vacation with my mother and a couple of cats—Buttermilk and Thomas, no less, cats from my childhood and adolescence. We were hanging out on a sloping patch of lawn in front of a big whitish brick or concrete building, and many other people and their cats were doing the same, sitting around and talking on the very short grass. People had luggage and such with them. The two cats had a box to stay in, but I noticed one of them wasn’t in the box. My mother got up and wandered around (even though in real life she can scarcely walk, or at least doesn’t do so without gasping for breath). She went off toward the building, to the right side of it (that is, on your right if you’re facing the building). She may have been going to find a place to smoke—actually, I think she was really heading for a restroom. At some point, after she’d been gone for a little while, I got up and went in the same direction, looking for Buttermilk. I came to a patch of lawn next to the building and sloping a little (the way the land tries to be hills in northern Indiana—hillock would be a good word for it), and I wandered around there. I saw a couple of other cats wandering around loose, and finally I saw Buttermilk. Also my mother appeared and spotted her. We returned to our seats (with Buttermilk), where Thomas was sleeping sprawled out inside the box.


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