Archive | March, 2012

A Sinister Dream

28 Mar

I had a dream in an urban setting—it looked like St. Louis, with many 1920s brick buildings—and there was a back lot, perhaps behind my apartment, where hunters were hanging out and waiting to shoot any wild animals (and possibly cats) they see. At least two of them sat on top of a flat roof of one of those brick buildings, and thanks to their guns a large chunk of the building looked as though it had exploded off, from the top, so one guy was sitting on an uneven surface that looked really uncomfortable. I felt a lot of aversion toward these people and wanted to hide indoors.

A Dream Connected to a Current Writing Project

1 Mar

I had a jumble of brief little dream-scenes that weren’t connected and were in very different times and places—too bad I didn’t write about this hours ago. I just remembered that one dream was more or less the setting of my novel Woodland Castle. It was that or the actual sixteenth-century Germany. I was a witch (this was the worst time and place to be a witch!) and there was a crowd of men, I think soldiers or knights, right in front of me. One of these men parted from them and walked past me, giving me a horrible glare, like a proto-hipster. This was at a narrow creek—I was about to cross a narrow footbridge toward the crowd, and the hipster-knight was crossing the wooden bridge when he glared at me. I felt creeped out and rejected.