Return from Canada

14 May

My dad and I had a lovely time traveling up north, to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, and then to Seattle. Ani DiFranco is right: you really do have a greater sense of freedom in Canada. Victoria is a particularly easy-going and friendly town. It’s also very beautiful, with the harbor and many Victorian houses with blooming flowers (rather like my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon), and with a late Victorian mansion called Craigdorrach Castle. Vancouver is brimming with art galleries and museums, and both cities have plenty of Native–or should I say Aborigine–art.

My dad is an extremely outgoing extrovert who talks constantly. After two weeks with him, I (an introvert) am indulging in solitude, silence, fasting, and meditation. Actually, a more accurate word than “indulging” is “nurturing.” Extroverts are energized by associating with humans; introverts are energized with solitude. The silence and solitude are therefore necessary for any introvert. Meditation is necessary for me, to keep me sane. Fasting is also a good idea, because we ate out so much, and my dad strangely believes you should always eat three meals a day, no matter how large your breakfast and/or lunch. While I greatly enjoyed the trip, it’s great to be back home with my codependent one-person cat.


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