A Creativity Dream, and an Anxiety Dream

7 Jun

I had a dream in which I had finished redecorating my federal dollhouse and had painted it blue. Meanwhile, I had another, bigger and more elaborate dollhouse. It was unpainted but shellacked and was sort of L shaped. It already had roof shingles. Actually, it looked somewhat like the one I noticed across the street as part of a rummage sale. Meanwhile, next thing I knew, I was inside the dollhouse and it was a real house.

I don’t know if this was the same dream, but I dreamed I was visiting people at their beautiful 400 year old house (it must have been Massachusetts), and I wandered around admiring 400-year-old hand-carved wooden furniture, including a sort of sideboard and side tables and a dining room table, etc. I lightly touched a sort of highboy-like piece, and this tall white male made a sanctimonious big deal about, “You’re not supposed to touch the old furniture,” and such, making me feel ashamed and awkward and self-conscious. I ended up leaving that room and heading back to a room that had a door leading outdoors, where there were other people. Strangely, this place seemed to transform into not only a private residence but at the same time a Middle Eastern restaurant, and I ordered some food and saw someone placing it into a compostable cardboard clamshell box for me. But I had to go to the bathroom or something and left the room and later returned and they were confused about my order because I had left—a somewhat dark-skinned woman explained they thought I had changed my mind about the order, and they wanted to make sure. I felt self-conscious again (in addition to flustered and foolish).

I’ve been feeling a little flustered and foolish today—I apparently wrote down Crystal’s phone number wrong and accidentally called someone else, and I also didn’t listen to the message about the hours very well when I attempted to call Dar Salam…which reminds me, I need to call them while they’re open (but quite a bit later, since it’s 6:27 and I’m sure they’ll be busy).


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