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A Dream Full of Dis-ease

29 Jul

I had a dream in which I was at a restaurant and there was a large group of people at a long table—I was part of that group, though I was standing to the right of the group and doing something, I forget what. Rearranging a sari I was wearing? Anyway, in front of me was another group of people, a bunch of relatives from my mother’s side of the family. I was not with that group! They had a long table running perpendicular to the long table at which they all sat, and on that long table were dishes. At the very end of it was a large silver bowl with a lid. Uncle NRA opened it and started ladling something out of it, perhaps soup, and I noticed that the ladle and the bowl were real silver, and I or someone else said so. I felt vaguely uncomfortable (undoubtedly because of the presence of relatives). The people at the table to my left were, in contrast, friends and acquaintances I’d met in Portland. I don’t think I understood what the hell these relatives were doing there.

High School-Inspired Nightmare

26 Jul

I had a very unpleasant dream in which I was in high school, and my P. E. teacher was teaching us wrestling. I had a class period of practice one week, but there were only between two and four of us doing it, and I may have been doing the moves without anyone in the ring with me. Afterwards, the following week, we met for wrestling, and it was the entire class (even boys were there this time). There was this rectangular area covered with newspaper on the floor and sand on top of the newspaper. Or was it ground-up chalk rather than sand? I had a bunch of this sand and was sprinkling it here and there, in spots that looked like they could use more. The mean teacher noticed me doing this and made some condescending, sneering remark about how I may  think that will make it better, but it will actually make it worse (or harder). I felt shocked and confused and didn’t say anything (actually, I didn’t say anything throughout the dream). Soon students started wrestling, and I stood watching and dreading my turn. I was standing in front of the rectangle, and all the other students were standing or sitting to my left, along a different, shorter side of the rectangle. I kept glancing over at them and noticing that I was by far the fattest girl in the class; all the others were small and extremely skinny. It got me wondering who I’d be wrestling, and I imagined I’d look utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, I woke up and felt such a great relief that the dream was over.

Character Charts

23 Jul

I created two character charts in one day! They’re both eight-page, in-depth character charts, so that’s more of an accomplishment than it might sound. Both charts were for my upcoming middle grade fantasy series, The Rowanwick Witches. One of the charts is for Violet, the protagonist, a budding teen witch who lives in modern-day Portland, Oregon; the other is for her best school friend, Miyuki. It’s a good idea to make charts for all your characters, even minor ones; never mind that I frequently don’t do it for minor ones, relying on briefer notes rather than a lengthy chart. In the case of Violet and Miyuki, the chart was enjoyable and I never got tired of working on it.


The character chart I’ve been using is on this website:

Excerpt from Witch’s Familiar

22 Jul

Stitching feathers and a blue bow onto a wide-brimmed bonnet, I thought about my father’s books on magic and alchemy,
which he kept in his study. I remembered reading somewhat disturbing accounts and instructions about attracting demons to use as servants, and I hoped the cat was no such demon.


My fantasy novella Witch’s Familiar is part of the Wormhole Electric Anthology available at Smashwords:

Blogging About the Oregon Desert

16 Jul

I just updated my travel blog to include my experience of Steens Mountain Wilderness in southeast Oregon. Before terribly long I intend to also post about my visit to Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coast. Here is a link to the travel blog:

A Potential Agent

16 Jul

An agent wants to read my entire manuscript for my travel memoir, Every Day is Magical: a Buddhist Pilgrimage in India and Nepal. Her response came across as rather enthusiastic, too. The agent in question has a picture of a Bengal office cat on her website; that seems auspicious. I’m tapping wood.

Two Drastically Different Dreams in One Night

10 Jul

I just had a dream in which I was at my parents’ house, but neither of them were there, and a few other people were there: my brother and at least three adults I’d never met before. At least one of these people had been making a lot of cake, including chocolate chip cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, so I was nibbling happily. I went into the kitchen, where a tall and skinny man was setting out cupcakes. I grabbed a chocolate chip cupcake before I noticed cupcakes that were completely chocolate; the man said something to me, something to do with the making of all these bakery items. I was in a reading mood. I went into the laundry room and came across, sitting on top of the washer, a large book that lay wide open and, oddly, inside it were comments written in my handwriting. I came to the conclusion that my brother was in the process of reading this book, and that I had either given or lent it to him. It was a collection of classical plays; I flipped it over to see the title, but now that I’m awake I’ve forgotten what it was. I went back into the kitchen, where many cupcakes and some leftover chocolate cake were on display (particularly on the table). I picked up a book there, a collection of various short writings by Virginia Woolf, a book that I had previously read when I was much younger (well, in the reality of this dream). The book was illustrated, including with stylized images of owls. It contained prose poetry, essays, and short stories, and maybe bits of memoir. I opened it and started turning pages; I didn’t feel like reading a poem at the beginning of the book and kept turning pages—oddly after the poem was a second contents page for short prose, and one of the sections had to do with religion, so I skipped that section and went to another.

Earlier, perhaps right before waking up this morning, I had a dream in which I was out hiking, as were numerous other people. We had started out as one big group (and I had a trail map), and we ended up breaking into smaller groups. A guy I knew (in the reality of the dream) had gotten lost while hiking in some woods, which were a dark section on my map. I decided I would go search for him, but oddly it didn’t occur to me to go with others; I started heading out there by myself, fully aware I could get lost and/or die on this hike.