High School-Inspired Nightmare

26 Jul

I had a very unpleasant dream in which I was in high school, and my P. E. teacher was teaching us wrestling. I had a class period of practice one week, but there were only between two and four of us doing it, and I may have been doing the moves without anyone in the ring with me. Afterwards, the following week, we met for wrestling, and it was the entire class (even boys were there this time). There was this rectangular area covered with newspaper on the floor and sand on top of the newspaper. Or was it ground-up chalk rather than sand? I had a bunch of this sand and was sprinkling it here and there, in spots that looked like they could use more. The mean teacher noticed me doing this and made some condescending, sneering remark about how I may  think that will make it better, but it will actually make it worse (or harder). I felt shocked and confused and didn’t say anything (actually, I didn’t say anything throughout the dream). Soon students started wrestling, and I stood watching and dreading my turn. I was standing in front of the rectangle, and all the other students were standing or sitting to my left, along a different, shorter side of the rectangle. I kept glancing over at them and noticing that I was by far the fattest girl in the class; all the others were small and extremely skinny. It got me wondering who I’d be wrestling, and I imagined I’d look utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, I woke up and felt such a great relief that the dream was over.

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