A Dream Full of Dis-ease

29 Jul

I had a dream in which I was at a restaurant and there was a large group of people at a long table—I was part of that group, though I was standing to the right of the group and doing something, I forget what. Rearranging a sari I was wearing? Anyway, in front of me was another group of people, a bunch of relatives from my mother’s side of the family. I was not with that group! They had a long table running perpendicular to the long table at which they all sat, and on that long table were dishes. At the very end of it was a large silver bowl with a lid. Uncle NRA opened it and started ladling something out of it, perhaps soup, and I noticed that the ladle and the bowl were real silver, and I or someone else said so. I felt vaguely uncomfortable (undoubtedly because of the presence of relatives). The people at the table to my left were, in contrast, friends and acquaintances I’d met in Portland. I don’t think I understood what the hell these relatives were doing there.

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