Early Morning Dreams

8 Aug

I had a dream in which I had moved into a cheaper apartment, in a neighborhood that wasn’t as nice. The apartment itself was a red brick building from the 1970s, and it had a parking lot in front. Toward the end of the dream, I had just been on a big shopping spree, and I had a lot of stuff in the car. I parked in front of my apartment building and opened the car door, and a plastic shopping bag fell out. As I was reaching for the bag, I heard guys talking, and one of them said, “She’s got money with her,” and one of them said, “She’s got lots of stuff.” I turned and looked up from the stray shopping bag and saw a few feet in front of me a group of about five or six young men standing in the parking lot and watching me, standing there so openly and waiting. I quickly grabbed the stray bag and pulled it into my car. I noticed a cloth shopping bag of mine lying in the parking lot and full of stuff—lying just on the other side of the car door, just beyond it. I knew that to get it, I’d have to get out of the car, and I didn’t want to take the risk. I closed and locked the car door and started the engine to get the hell out of there. Meanwhile, I felt creeped out and knew they wanted to rob me. I started to drive forward, and they scattered. However, as I got to the nearest intersection, I sat waiting for various pedestrians and I think also for cars to come from the other direction. I sat there wishing I hadn’t moved and thinking about moving back. I remembered that the apartment managers (they were an attractive couple in their thirties) whom I’d met for this apartment were such nice, friendly people and had even let me spend a night at their place during my transition from one apartment to the other. I also remembered a neighbor who was rather attractive. But my safety was more important than these people whom I’d only recently met.

I also dreamed that I was at an agent’s house, but this was an agent for famous Hollywood stars. Or at least, this was someone in the industry who knew a lot about its history. She was a woman with short blond hair, and she looked to be in her thirties (something about blond people in their thirties during that particular nap). I walked into her living room, where she sat at one end of a couch in front of a coffee table on which were photo albums full of old photos of celebrities. I stood listening to the conversation, but I don’t think I said anything. There were a lot of people around, and they were all Hollywood people, particularly actors. And she was talking about Hollywood celebrities from the past, like from the sixties or earlier. Mickey Rooney came walking down the hallway, and he looked really old and had a beard. I’m not even sure he’s still alive.

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