Squirmy Dream

22 Aug

I had a dream in which I was in a cave, and Shantum (the meditation teacher and tour guide in charge of my pilgrimage in northern India and Lumbina, Nepal) was putting numerous people, two at a time, through an ordeal to test their fearlessness. I think I may have been able to watch portions of other people’s ordeals. Finally, when it was my turn, I was with one short and spunky young woman. Shantum sat on the other side of a grey desk and sternly told us to do stuff. We sat on the other side of the desk or table, and there were two white plates in front of us. Shantum told us to pick up various gross creatures (scorpions, worms, etc.) and place them on the plates. By the end, I was fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, calmly picking up the metal bucket and dumping a plate full of squirming pinkish monsters onto the plate in front of me. Even though I was nonchalant about that particular part of the ordeal, I anticipated something worse at the end. Sure enough, Shantum got out what looked like a gigantic amber gummy worm and was folding it into segments while telling us that we had to rub this worm against our faces, against our cheeks and necks. I was so not looking forward to that.

But then the garbage truck outside my window woke me up. Whew.


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