After Falling on a Sidewalk

21 Sep

My ankle probably isn’t sprained after all–the pain wore out for the most part after a couple hours–but I’m sure it’s a strained ligament. I remember what sprained ankles were like: they were extremely painful for days, swelled up a lot, and involved hopping around on one foot and needing crutches. That said, it’s bad enough that I’d better take it easy. I now have a package of big adhesive bandages for my right knee, and I got an ankle brace that holds an ice pack.

That said, my right pointer finger is sprained; a disturbing sight, it’s bigger than my left.

I have thought of going to my chiropractor because of this. My lower back is very slightly sore, and I was certainly twisted around when I fell. That’d be great if he could give me some sort of finger brace.

It’s been so long since I had this kind of accident: twenty-two years since I broke my right ankle in college, and before that I frequently sprained an ankle, throughout my childhood and teens. After breaking my ankle, I took up a habit of twirling both ankles, and that strengthened them. It’s a physical therapy exercise I learned—it now seems like such a simple thing that I should have figured out myself. I’ve been meditating for nine years, so I’m better at paying attention than I was twenty-two years ago; I was so much more absent-minded before I took up meditation.


I don’t remember experiencing so much shock when I was a kid, but maybe that’s because it was so long ago. Right after the accident, I was dizzy and shaking, and my heart beat was fast. I guess my body has gone through a lot of shock.


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