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31 Oct

According to the Weather Channel, the only time it’s not supposed to rain today is between 1:30 and 3 pm. Therefore I intend to take a walk to and in Lone Fir Cemetery during that time. It’s a pioneer cemetery dating back to the 1850s (the same decade in which Oregon became a state) and still has many of the old tombstones and even the original lone fir with a placard on its trunk.

Samhain is a prehistoric Celtic new year and holiday. It isn’t about people dressing up as ax murderers or floozies, and it isn’t even about scaring people or binging on candy, though admittedly I’ve been partying and eating candy this week. Samhain is about honoring the dead and communing with ancestors. During Sabbats such as Samhain, the veil between worlds becomes thinner; that is, between us and the world of the dead, and us and Faerie World, for instance.

And another excerpt from my novella Witch’s Familiar

31 Oct

This novella is so appropriate for this time of year:


The boards splintered apart. I yanked the outermost board off and a moldy scent assaulted my nose.

Another excerpt from my novella Witch’s Familiar

29 Oct


A dark cat sat beside me on the carpet and daintily licked her forepaw.


28 Oct

I have’t been posting on this blog lately because the last time I came to the WordPress site, it behaved as though I didn’t already have a blog. I therefore posted on my old blogspot page instead:

My latest edited discussion group notes are on the In Othe Words blog! Unlike in the notes I shared, the blog version has cool internet-savvy stuff like links and images. Last month’s notes also turned up on the blog like this; I never noticed it before then.

Whoa. Beware of deranged Facebook pages that at first glance look like feminist pages and turn out to be wrong-wing weirdos. Ew. I just came across a couple, one ironically calling itself “The Real Feminist.” It reminds me of when I’ve stumbled upon (or read a book review about) books along those lines, that attempt to lure readers in by putting on a feminist facade…but when I read the cover copy I realize it’s quite the opposite. Power-tripping white males trapped in women’s bodies (PTWMTIWB), such as Phyllis Schlafly and Ann Coulter, are not feminists, believe me.

Excerpt from my novella, Witch’s Familiar

28 Oct

“I’m not an ordinary cat. I’m a witch’s familiar.”

Working on Story Structure

1 Oct

This morning, I returned to reading and taking notes on the book Invisible Ink, by Brian McDonald. It’s a guide to writing fiction (appropriate not only for stories and novels but also for plays and screenplays). It lists seven steps of basic plot structure, and after describing them in some detail goes on to give the reader an assignment: write a few simple stories using these steps.

That is, write each step in a new document and put a few spaces in between each step. Then write each step of your story right underneath the description of the step. I proceeded to do this  with three story ideas (I keep a document called “Story Ideas” for when something new pops into my head that isn’t relevant to any manuscript I’m already working on). Now what I have is a sort of cross between outlines and very rough drafts, with the bare bones of the stories all written out…until I continue reading Invisible Ink and take the next step on these three stories.