Working on Story Structure

1 Oct

This morning, I returned to reading and taking notes on the book Invisible Ink, by Brian McDonald. It’s a guide to writing fiction (appropriate not only for stories and novels but also for plays and screenplays). It lists seven steps of basic plot structure, and after describing them in some detail goes on to give the reader an assignment: write a few simple stories using these steps.

That is, write each step in a new document and put a few spaces in between each step. Then write each step of your story right underneath the description of the step. I proceeded to do this  with three story ideas (I keep a document called “Story Ideas” for when something new pops into my head that isn’t relevant to any manuscript I’m already working on). Now what I have is a sort of cross between outlines and very rough drafts, with the bare bones of the stories all written out…until I continue reading Invisible Ink and take the next step on these three stories.


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