Weird Dreams

10 Feb

I had a dream in which an evil sorceress—my arch-nemesis—was at a shop where I worked, and she was creating a disturbance, holding up the check-out line, squabbling with a bratty teenager, and attempting to antagonize me. So, so petty.

I also had a dream in which I was with one friend and we were outdoors in a place that had a strange wooden structure; it was like a wooden path that had more wooden boards above it by a couple feet and in some places supported by boards that partially blocked the tunnel formed between the path and the boards running parallel above the path. I was on this path with the friend—I think this was in the woods—and there was a hovel or tent in front of us, to the right. However, a bunch of mean people (they looked like teenagers and maybe children) wearing red t-shirts with blue jeans or khakis (the red t-shirts were distinctive) jumped out and started chasing us and threatening us with wooden boards that some of them carried.

It didn’t occur to either of us to fight them. My friend ran in one direction, and I ran in the other—which unfortunately meant I ended up ducking under the upper boards and having a rough time squeezing under a few boards, before I gave up on that (I was getting claustrophobic) and retreated and started running in the same direction as my friend. The one red shirt that confronted me was a petite blond female, and I grabbed a wooden board that was sticking up to my left and I threatened to use it on her and then ran with it.

Weirdly, I experienced two slightly different versions of that strange scene. I believe the first one was basically what I just described, except I kept going in the opposite direction of my friend. Also, I believe a troll was coming after us, in addition to the bullies.


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