Edward Gorey’s birthday

22 Feb

Taking a break from working on a particularly distressing novel, I logged onto Google.com, and to my utter delight, I discovered that Google is celebrating Edward Gorey’s 88th birthday with a beautiful illustration that links you to websites about Gorey. So I had a very pleasant, even somewhat euphoric, break.

I’m revising/editing a manuscript that  I haven’t touched since 2008. It’s an extremely autobiographical novel, with the working title Skeleton from the Closet, about my experience in Kansas with verbally and emotionally abusive relatives, whom I’ve since realized are sociopaths and malignant narcisissts. It’s deeply disturbing to revisit  that part of my life, but in the long run it is also a courageous act and will help me to heal.  I certainly don’t want to be anything like my verbally abusive relatives, who have made a point of wallowing in denial and abusing my generation rather than healing.

One way to placate my distress is by reading Buddhist books, such as Being Dharma  by Ajahn Chah. I’m also planning on going to a dharma center tonight and attending the group meditation and dharma talk. I need reminders.

I also think I’ll look at images of Edward Gorey cats and imagine them purring.

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