Various Peculiar Updates

24 Mar

I have a great idea for a Portlandia skit: a Meetup group has a big gathering at a restaurant. One or two members slip out early without paying their full bill. (Then again, I’ve actually used this in a novel I’m writing, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m copying Portlandia.) Jerks. If this happens once more, I’m not scheduling any more restaurant Meetups ever again. If people who look like adults would behave like adults, crap like this wouldn’t happen.


I have a new idea for a band name: Evil Aunt Ethel and the Sociopaths. I have so got to use her name after that aunt dies. Ethel, evil, ether, offal.


I’m currently in the process of going through a novel (working title: Skeleton from the Closet) and simply changing it from past to present tense. It has so many flashbacks that this works out much better.

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