In the Hospital

13 Jun

My dad is currently in the hospital experiencing the tail end of his open-heart surgery. I think I actually feel calm right now and have for some time. However, both my dad and I became increasingly more anxious as the date of the surgery neared. Last week was horribly stressful, in part because I’d think about my dad’s surgery and become nervous, even cry on a couple of occasions.

This morning I got up at 3:30 am and made a cup of potent tea.  I sat in a rocking chair and drank my tea while talking with my dad, who said he couldn’t concentrate on reading the newspaper because he was so nervous about the surgery. I began to feel queasy…and before long, I was in the powder room, vomiting. That’s the first time that I recall vomiting because of anxiety. Rocking in a rocking chair probably didn’t help.

But it sounds like his surgery is going very well, and the doctors and nurses are finishing up. The rest of the family has been hanging out at the hospital, in the Intensive Care Family Lounge. I’ve taken a nap and have otherwise worked on a novel.

Of course, it doesn’t all end with the surgery. Afterwards, my dad will be in the Intensive Care Unit for a night or two, and he will spend approximately one week at the hospital. After he goes home, he won’t be back to normal for a while. I’ll help around the house and yard, particularly with mowing the lawn and re-seeding the lawn. I also hope to do quite a bit of de-cluttering in the house, at the very least things that I left there years ago.

A bit later (3:40 PM):

He’s OK, and we’ll be going in to see him any time. In addition to repairing the bad valve, they did single bypass surgery.

8 PM: We’re back at the house, after another visit with my dad. He was still struggling, and the nurse resorted to sedating him again. It was rather disturbing.


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