A Week After my Dad’s Open-Heart Surgery

21 Jun

This morning I mowed and trimmed the lawn for the first time, using my dad’s tractor and trimmer. Driving a tractor wouldn’t be scary if the yard were flat, but the house is on a bumpy, curvy, slight hill. Frequently I felt as though the tractor would tip to the side, and the blades would chop me up. I also thought I might lose control going downhill. None of this happened, but I refrained from cutting the steepest section of the back yard and used the trimmer. I’d prefer a regular push lawn mower for that part of the back yard.

I thought I broke my dad’s router, or at least burnt out the battery, but we took it to Radio Shack and found out that no, it simply needs to be plugged in while you use it. I assumed it was like a cell phone and that you use the battery regularly, but the battery is merely a backup and isn’t as strong as cell phone batteries. Anyway, I have Wi-Fi again, so I can check messages, research, and stream online.

Dad is doing well for someone who had open-heart surgery a week ago. He still gets hiccups and thus has trouble breathing. He needs to calm down, something he doesn’t do.

Also, he has a nasty scar on his left ankle, and it’s swollen and oozes, I think a combination of blood and puss. But the nurse who does house calls said that’s normal. During surgery, the doctor took a vein from his ankle and used it for his heart. One of my tasks is to change his bandages.


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