Hanging Out with My Dad Today

24 Jun

My dad and I went to a supermarket today, and I remembered to take the two cloth grocery bags out of the trunk before we went indoors. This was fortunate, though we purchased so much that we needed four bags. The bagger asked, “Is plastic OK?” I replied, “No, paper.”

At this grocery store, an attendant takes your groceries out to the parking lot for you. As we reached the car, I said, “Plastic grocery bags recently became illegal in Oregon. It’s quite a culture shock.”

The attendant either didn’t hear me or had nothing to say on the topic. He asked us if we were going to watch such-and-such game on television. My dad knew what he was talking about, but I felt appalled. This was another culture shock—ever since I moved to Portland, I haven’t heard anyone talk about sports. I thought, “Are you actually talking about sports? Death by boredom!”

This evening, the nurse came by and said my dad is doing well. He has lost an alarming amount of weight, five pounds in two days, but the nurse said this is because the scar on his ankle (because the doctor removed a vein from his leg and put it in his heart) is draining steadily, as it should. She pointed out that his right ankle is no longer swollen, and that even the scarred left ankle is significantly smaller than it was last time she came by, on Friday. This was good news indeed.

My dad again brought up the topic of his hiccups and loss of breath. He said that he had a large lunch and that helped. The nurse pointed out that eating does indeed help put air into his diaphragm. I said, “There you go: pig out so that you can breathe.” The nurse explained that to help his breathing, he needs to eat slowly and refrain from talking while he’s eating. I said, “He eats slowly because he’s talking while eating.” My dad does talk constantly, and the nurse had noticed that he’s a talker.

I keep hearing loud thunder, and the tulip tree is dancing right outside the window. We’re in for a torrential storm this evening.


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