Another Backward Bookstore

17 Jul

Yes, it seems that if you visit a bookstore in Northwest Indiana, it is inevitably backwards.

My dad and I went to BAM!, Books a Million, a bookstore at the Southlake Mall the town of Merrillville, in Lake County. I remember Merrillville as Where People Go To Shop. U. S. 30 in Merillville, Indiana, is lined with corporate retail chains.

I was eager to discover whether this bookstore, like the White Male Xian Buns & Noodle in Valparaiso, is completely devoid of the requisite Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Native American Studies, and Queer Studies that are a norm in any large bookstore, particularly any B&N since at least the 1990s. At least, so I believed until my visit to Valparaiso’s White Male Xian Buns & Noodle.

To my utter disgust—though by now not extreme shock—Books a Million in the Southlake Mall is also a White Male Xian BAM! It’s called BAM! Because it hits you between the eyes with a White Male Xian perspective and its disdain toward what I’ve always considered the most important categories at any B&N. And yes, this bookstore was quite large, like B&N.

The difference with BAM! Is that it does have an African American Fiction section…which I discovered consists of romance novels. And it does have a lot of emphasis on Science Fiction, actually including a big Doctor Who display that includes pencils topped with Daleks, glowing TARDISs—well, a variety of TARDISs, a K-9 keychain, Lego action figures of all the Doctors—well, you get the idea. I did have some fun, admittedly. But overall, I was yet again disappointed. I look soooo forward to returning to Portland, away from the Twilight Zone.


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