Wall-Eye Mart

4 Sep

Do not ever praise Wall-eye Mart (otherwise known as Walmart) in my presence, unless you want to convince me that you’re a sociopath. Yesterday, someone promoted Wall-eye Mart and said to me, “At least Walmart is cheap!” Clearly she needs to see the documentary Walmart: the High Costs of Low Prices.

Corporate America sucks as a whole, no matter what store you go to, and I’ll admit that most of us are guilty of sometimes shopping at one corporate business or another, whether it’s a department store or grocery store or cinema. And Wall-eye Mart is probably not quite as evil as Halliburton or Enron. Still, I highly recommend avoiding it if at all possible, regardless of the low prices.

Wall-eye Mart violates child labor laws and treats its female employees so horrifically that it was the subject of the largest sexual harassment suit in history. It not only owns sweatshops in China and Bangladesh, where it pays women a few cents an hour, but in addition to that actually owns the extremely cramped dorms that those slaves—yes, I don’t think it’s exaggerating to call them slaves—are required to occupy. Wall-eye Mart moves into small towns in the U. S. and forces the local businesses to close. A family of sociopathic billionaires owns Wall-eye Mart. Unless you live in a small town in which Wall-eye Mart is the only place you can shop, you have no excuse to support Wall-eye Mart.



I’m irritated with myself for feeling this irritated over that insane comment about Wall-eye Mart being cheaper. There’s something intensely disgusting about that attitude. I realize that many people are poor and desperate and in many cases get an employee discount by shopping at that evil store, but unless this is your situation—and unless you live in an area with an extremely limited selection of shops—you have no excuse to shop there. If you live here in Portland, Oregon, for instance, you have a great many other shopping choices.


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