Adventures with the Rowanwick Witches

5 Sep

Lately I’ve been busy writing, mulling over, and reading relevant more or less research, for the sake of my Middle Grade fantasy series, the Rowanwick Witches. It’s a spin-off from a novel I wrote as a teenager. The original was set in Victorian England, because at the time I considered that escapist. The new version is set in modern-day Portland, Oregon.

I’ve completed the first draft of the first volume, in which Violet first meets Aunt Amaryllis (because her sister Rose dares her to meet their “wicked” witch aunt). Aunt Amaryllis informs Violet that she is the next in a long line of witches, and she begins teaching Violet witchcraft. Meanwhile, the messenger dragon Brimstone informs Aunt Amaryllis that bandits have abducted the king and queen of the desert Kingdom of Barren, so Violet accompanies her aunt on an adventure to this peculiar kingdom.

I’ve also been working on other volumes and mulling over them. I’ve particularly started writing the second and third volumes. I’m expanding a magic chart for the series and otherwise jotting notes.

From the first volume:

“Do sit down. I’ll ring for tea.” Having said this, Aunt Amaryllis takes hold of a long strip of needlepoint that ends with a tassel, and she gently pulls it. A real live bell pull. I’ve read about those.

From nowhere appears a small table next to me, and I suddenly sit up and stare. It’s topped with a white tablecloth and a tray laden with a china tea set, scones, filberts, grapes, crackers, and a small dish of mango chutney. I blink and slowly say, “How did you do that.”


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