Dream of Fantasy Authors

18 Sep

I had a dream in which I was Jane Yolen’s roommate (and we lived in a house that looked like my parents’ house). I unexpectedly met Neil Gaiman in the kitchen and had a very brief interaction with him (an exchange of greetings), before I wandered down the hallway to my room. I ran into Yolen and she whispered, “I’m about to interview Neil Gaiman.” I went to my room and whipped out my smart phone, ready to post and tweet that I just met Neil Gaiman in my kitchen.

I had a dream in which I knew of a Buddhist stupa, a modern one, and that I took a close friend there. On the way, in the car, she explained that she went there during an anniversary (of the death of one of her friends) and found the place very comforting.

We arrived there, and it was a huge white stupa, something like the Peace Pavilion in Lumbini, Nepal. Some southeast Asian women were sitting at a picnic bench in front of the building, several yards in front of it, and they were centered there and talking together. They glanced at me. To their left was at least one table piled with boxes, boxes with labels that indicated that they contained things that were used as offerings, such as special cakes. I stopped at the table and started to tell Audrey, “Some Asians put offerings of cakes and other food in front of shrines,” while thinking about the offerings I saw in Tibetan Buddhist temples and the butter sculptures I saw in Bodh Gaya. However, something interrupted me, I think Audrey telling me about her previous experience of this place or expressing an opinion of it. We started walking toward the stupa itself, from the left in order to circumambulate it, when my alarm went off.

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