Indoor Dreams

25 Sep

I had a dream in which I was reorganizing the In Other Words library, but all the books were people.

The library was a large white-tiled and white-painted room with some long white tables, and all around the books—people—stood in rows surrounding the long tables. There was of course a Queer section, and in that section were a whole bunch of Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese members of the Queer section wanted a specifically Vietnamese section within the Queen section, so I proceeded to move them around by directing the book-people to stand here and there.


I had a dream in which I was with a bunch of people inside a large and beautiful building, I think a mansion. Maybe it was a haunted mansion.

At some point in the dream, five or six of us were gathered in a remarkably huge room that contained no furniture. It was probably a ballroom. We were getting together and coming up with a plan for something, but I forget what. My memories of this particular dream are rather on the vague side.

I seem to recall at some point suddenly thinking, “If my mother knew about this, she’d piss her pants.” I think it was something gothic-oriented, probably. Maybe the house was just so spooky, or maybe I thought that just because I was wearing black from head to toe and/or because I was hanging out with a bunch of queers, something my mother would definitely not appreciate.


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