NaNoWriMo, Four Days In

4 Nov

For NaNoWriMo this year, I’m writing an overtly autobiographical novel. In terms of accomplishing the word count goal of 50,000, it’s not overly challenging, since I have been copying and pasting a lot of the manuscript into the Word document. In fact, the word count is currently over 47,000 after only four days.

That said, I expect the novel to be rather more than 50,000. And as of last night and today, I’ve been writing parts of the novel from scratch, not merely copying and pasting. Even when I do copy and paste from a journal, I end up making changes, such as verb tense and more “showing, not telling.” I’m creating a novel, not a journal, so it will ultimately be considerably different from the original journal.

I also intend to work on at least one other novel during the month of November. The novel I’ll definitely work on is the second volume in the Rowanwick Witches series: something that is fun and escapist and not autobiographical in the least. I’m doing this in order to keep the intense level of work that we’re supposed to do if we’re participating in NaNoWriMo. Some people think I’m cheating, but the important thing to me is to complete the first draft of at least one novel during the month of November. Since I worked on the Rowanwick Witches novel in October, I’m thinking I should complete that first draft during November and perhaps get to work on its sequel. Thus I intend to complete a minimum of two first drafts this month.



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