Dreaming about De-cluttering

6 Nov

I had a dream about de-cluttering. My NaNoWriMo novel involves scenes in which I’m de-cluttering my parents’ house. This has seeped into my dreams.

I was in a small business that had been around for a while and that I had frequented a lot in the past. It looked a lot like a house on the inside. With the store owner, I was the last customer of the day, and at closing time I noticed something from my past, something that I had left at this store some years ago. So I started looking through a bag or box of things my mother and I had left behind. The paraphernalia was partially under a wooden structure, like a bench or the bottom of a bunk bed. (Don’t ask me what this business was—I think it was supposed to be an apothecary or some such place, an herb shop). I found some small toy animals and at least one craft project that I had started when I was a teenager.

Next thing I know, I’m doing this de-cluttering still, but it’s at my parents’ house. I’m in my old bedroom (the one my mother now sleeps in and uses as a computer room, mostly for playing games). I’m finding stuff that, in the reality of the dream, is from my childhood and adolescence. Old toys, including stuffed toy animals I made myself. Craft projects that I made long ago. They’re in boxes and bags all over the place. I’m finding these and thinking it’ll be good to get rid of them by taking them to thrift stores. There may have been a few items I considered keeping, but they were a small minority.

I even, to my disgust, found a plastic bag containing dried up carrots, beets, garlic, and one radish. This struck me as pretty gross. While I looked through it and then held it up and got up to take it all to the trash, there were at least two other people in the room, I think female relatives, and one of them made a comment about the dried-up food. Maybe she was saying that the carrots still look edible. But I just wanted to get rid of all of it, to get rid of just about everything in this room.

There was at least one craft project that was unfinished, from my teen years, and I was delighted to find it and wanted to go ahead and finish it despite the passage of time and my changing tastes.


At some point either in this dream or a very similar one, I’d been de-cluttering at my parents’ house, but the place was still quite a mess. I had a long way to go. Oh, yes—I was in the process of de-cluttering my bedroom and was struck by all the stuff there, overwhelmed. There were childish posters on the walls, some of which were starting to fall off the walls. This dream felt rather sinister. It was nighttime, and the house was pretty dark. At some point, I think I was in the living room, when I could swear something moved. It looked as though a big black plastic garbage bag moved. In the dream, I felt very creeped out. I felt as though someone else were in the room, watching me. I occasionally noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, not only because of the garbage bag.


In this dream or perhaps another, I was with a small group of people, five at most, along with a small terrier (mostly white, with some black and brown) on a leash. We were about to go out with the dog, when I noticed through a window that there were two people with a total of three quite different dogs on leashes. They were walking the dogs, right outside this big front window. At this point, the room looked more like a 1970s apartment than like my parents’ house.

We all set foot out the door, with the dog, and closed the door behind us. The other two people and the three dogs appeared. I was highly amused and wanted to pet the other dogs, especially the big one. But even I feared that our little dog would get in a fight with the other dogs.



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