Books, Glorious Books!

3 Dec

At Powell’s yesterday, I sold some books and acquired $32 in store credit. I did something I typically do at Powell’s: I picked up wonderful books, found other wonderful books, and put down books I’d already chosen and carried around. I ended up purchasing two large academic books to donate to the In Other Words lending library: The Gender and Psychology Reader, and The Transgender Studies Reader. My private library is quite large and includes many books I have yet to read. As the archivist for the In Other Words lending library, I sometimes think that more public library is an extension of my personal library.

According to the Wikipedia page for Compulsive Hoarding, I do not hoard books. Someone who hoards rather than simply collects books tends to buy books that they have no intention of reading and buys multiple copies of the same book. I’ve only done that with books that I intend to give away—books that, at the time of purchase, I know I’m going to give away. And unlike my full-blown hoarder mother, I am willing to periodically part with books. I’m conscious that I have some books I’m willing to read only once and then part with (and that alone has been an excuse for my mother to bite my head off). I also have plenty of books that I intend to keep and either read or consult multiple times.


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