Liver Issues

11 Jan

A friend asked me some questions about the cysts in my dad’s liver, after I said that he had two benign cysts and he had to lose half his liver. She asked: What is the cause of the cysts? Was it cancer? What was the diagnosis? Cysts like that don’t appear overnight; they would have started forming before he had open-heart surgery. Answer: he doesn’t know; he still hasn’t gotten the results of the biopsy. There was a black spot and bleeding when the doctor found the problem.

The surgery for cysts tends to be preventative. He’d have an oncologist if he actually had cancer. They ran a bunch of tests that ultimately proved he didn’t have cancer and didn’t need an oncologist. They probably wanted to prevent it from developing into cancer. He could have a cystic liver disease.

Cysts that are large can be painful and bloated and can lead to liver cancer. When he went to the original hospital, his liver was bleeding and the doctors thought it was an emergency, which is why he ended up in the ICU.

It can be scary when you’re at a hospital and getting lots of tests for cancer. I thought he had liver cancer because he initially said the doctors keep throwing around the word “cancer.” So I assumed that because there were growths in his liver, he must have liver cancer.

The cysts were probably growing for over a year, probably for years. They finally got too big and took up too much of his liver. Perhaps in the past they only took up a small percentage of the liver, such as when he had heart surgery. It’s safest to take them out in order to prevent liver disease/liver cancer from developing. He was predisposed to get liver cysts.

The body is crap. It’s no wonder people are so fascinated by immortals and vampires and ghosts; they don’t get liver cysts. Also dance performance involves healthy bodies.


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