Update on my Dad’s Health

18 Jan

My dad had liver surgery At Loyola University Medical Center last Thursday.

I spent the night on a cot in my dad’s fancy hospital room. This morning, I met my dad’s tall, dark, and handsome young doctor. He said that my dad can take showers and eat normally. He just can’t lift heavy objects and has to keep the drain for his liver.

He has a tube attached to his liver that leads to a plastic pouch strapped onto his leg. The pouch reminds me of my Platypus water bladder for hiking—it’s a lightweight alternative to carrying bottles of water, and it has a tube that you suck through. The water bladder, that is. Anyway, the liver is draining bile (currently brown), and we have to every eight hours pour it into a cup and keep track of how much drains. A few minutes ago, a nurse said that the bile is lessening, which is a good sign.

He’s able to check out of the hospital today. I’m going to drive him to my parents’ house, hopefully get along tolerably with my mother and cuddle Honeycat, and later drop off the rental car and head for the hotel where I’m going to be staying. My dad wants to at least pick up money at the house and probably also clothing, since I’ve persuaded him to spend a few nights at my hotel room. There’s a huge quantity of snow (and I’m guessing ice) in the Valparaiso (NW Indiana) area, and the temperatures are extremely low. So having my dad at the hotel will mean I won’t have to drive to my parents’ house in such bitter cold every morning. That said, the hotel is a short drive from their house, especially considering that their house is in the country, and the hotel is in town.



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