Deceptive Rhetoric about “Deceptive Rhetoric”

23 Jan

On the Whiteboyworld TV news in the hotel breakfast room this morning, my ears perked up when I heard the phrase “the War on Women.” I thought this meant this particular station’s news was actually not Whiteboyworld propaganda, unlike what generally passes for mainstream media in the U.S.

But no, this “news” was utter codswallop about overt misogynists ludicrously claiming that the phrase “the War on Women” is “left-wing deceptive rhetoric.” Talk about hypocrisy as an extreme sport. An example of deceptive rhetoric is misogynists calling themselves “pro-life” as a euphemism for anti-women. It is also deceptive rhetoric to hypocritically call the phrase “the War on Women” “deceptive rhetoric,” rather than acknowledging that a spade is a spade is a spade. The phrase “the War on Women” is an example of stating the screamingly obvious.

Projecting is a common practice of perpetual five-year-old bullies, such as people who have extreme narcissist personality disorder. By projecting, I mean that the bullies accuse others of having their own negative traits. They project their own traits onto their scapegoats.

In almost the same breath, the newscaster spoke of “pro-life” demonstrators on the streets of Chicago.

The manner in which the newscaster presented this assault on my ears gave me the distinct impression that the newscaster is yet another misogynist who actually agrees with the cooties-infested batshits. Otherwise, I should think an enlightened response to this overtly hypocritical attack would have also been presented. Ironically, the newscaster was a cisgender female, probably a “female chauvinist pig,” as described in the book Female Chauvinist Pigs. I’m thinking it’s time I read Andrea Dworkin’s book Right Wing Women. (I realize Andrea Dworkin is a problematic second-waver, but that doesn’t invalidate everything she wrote. I appreciate the good bits.)


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