Update on My Dad’s Health

28 Jan

We’re at the Best Western in Hillside, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. My dad had liver surgery about two weeks ago. He had two cysts taking up the right half of his liver, which is currently growing back. Tomorrow afternoon he’s going to have his first appointment since leaving the hospital.

My dad and I had lunch at the restaurant bar, and the selection wasn’t what I’d expect in a big city like Chicago…but of course, this is a tiny suburb. My dad and I shared a “vegetable deluxe” pizza, and I peeled most of the dairy cheese off and gave it to Dad. So far, it hasn’t given me diarrhea. On one hand, I’m thinking here we are in Chicago: I should be adventurous and use the GPS to get to one of the vegan restaurants. On the other hand, outdoors it’s about zero degrees with a wind chill making it feel like about negative fifteen degrees, so I might want to have salad in the bar. I should have asked Dad to check with the hotel, because the room has a fridge and microwave, so I could have brought a couple of entrees. That said, I have a green smoothie and snacks in the fridge.

I find it significant that the less contact my dad has with my mother, the less grumpy he is. That makes him much more pleasant company. Of course, I realize she has the same effect on me.

Anyway, Dad’s swollen feet and legs are gradually going down, and he’s discharging pretty much no bile. So I’m thinking the tube will come out tomorrow, during his appointment. I’m really looking forward to that. He won’t complain about it anymore.



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