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Submitting to a Novel Contest

15 Feb

After much revision and editing over the past two months, I just submitted my dark fantasy novel The Claws that Catch to the Breakthrough Novel Contest.


Durga meets a wonderful new friend, Maya, who from the very start seems like a kindred spirit. But before long, Maya is verbally abusive and creepy. It takes Durga a while to realize that her so-called wonderful friend is a demon bent on sucking away her soul.


Thirty-five year old Durga participates in social networking in Portland, Oregon, where she meets new friends and acquaintances. Some turn out to be enemies instead of friends. Durga meets Maya, who seems like a kindred spirit the first time they meet but rubs her the wrong way the second time. Eventually, after she’s become too close to Maya, Durga realizes that Maya is a brahma-rakshasa, a violent demon with severe personality disorders that make her deranged. It is up to Durga to stop this demon from continuing to ruin the lives of good people.