Horse and Water Dream

17 Mar

I had a dream in which I was in high school and had to go to gym class. I was absolutely terrified of gym class and of the mean gym teacher. I showed up for class, which was I think outdoors in this space where there were many folding chairs lined up. As I was approaching this space from the right, there were bushes or small trees on my right, and at first I only saw the chairs and didn’t see any students, even though I thought I was running late. This lack of students contributed to my anxiety. But I got past the bushes and finally saw many students, male and female, standing amid the chairs.

Next I was sitting with these many students. We were all sitting on the folding chairs and waiting for our names to be called out. The instructor was a middle-aged and very stern and tall man. He shouted some verbal abuse at someone, and I feared I’d be next.

Strangely, the folding chairs were now soft, dark grey or black movie theater chairs. I looked down at the grass in the aisle between my seat and the continuing row, and I saw a red-covered smartphone lying in the grass. Alarmed and suspecting that it was mine, I reached down and picked it up. I reached into my pocket and discovered that I had my phone. The fallen phone had actually landed closer to the dark-haired emo boy in front of me, so I at least considered slipping it over and placing it on the cushioned seat next to him. Soon I had a third red-covered smartphone handy, because someone else lost their phone. I didn’t know what to do with them all.

At some point, I was standing on the edge of the crowd of students. I was turned toward a road or highway that was mostly submerged in water. It was very dramatic, billowing white water. Many other students also watched the water. In the water, a horse ran in a straight line, pulling a chariot behind it. The horse kept running and gradually ran on higher ground. It emerged, with the chariot and whoever was riding it, out of the water and onto a bridge-like section of the road that was above ground. The horse emerged dripping water and making splashy sounds. Above water finally, the horse shook itself and kept running. Students made comments or giggled about the horse and the water. Someone who was more serious said it was amazing that the horse didn’t drown, and I agreed.


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