Don’t Write Fiction that Promotes Rape Culture

18 Mar

If you don’t understand the phrase “Rape Culture” or think it’s overblown, then you need to read the anthology Transforming a Rape Culture.

I just read two deeply disturbing articles about toxic relationships and rape culture in YA fiction. Here are the links to them:


Some YA books that promote rape culture:

The Twilight Saga (of course) by that Mormon, Stephanie Meyer

Hush, Hush by Mega Sociopath

Swoon by Another Mega Sociopath

Evernight (series) by Claudia Gray

Pamela (granted, it’s from the eighteenth century—that said, it was an etiquette guide for debutants, and the protagonist ends up married to her rapist)

Reading the above-mentioned articles has reminded me of the importance of writing from an extremely different perspective from those authors. It is my duty as an author to write anti-rape culture literature.

I’m not saying that my fiction should be preachy—definitely not. That’s highly frowned upon. I can proselytize all I want in nonfiction, but not in fiction. Fiction can be anti-Rape Culture without being preachy. I need to show characters behaving drastically differently than they do in Rape Culture-promoting books such as Twilight and Hush, Hush.

Of course, it would never occur to me to write anything that promotes Rape Culture. But now that I’ve read up on this topic, I’m aware of the importance of simply being conscious and keeping this disgusting crap in mind while writing. I feel like it’s my responsibility as an author, whether I’m writing Middle Grade, YA, or adult fiction, to write fiction that is anti-rape, anti-harassment, and anti-abuse.


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