Portlandia Fans

30 Mar

Text messages to a friend while I worked at In Other Words today:

Okay, now that there are no longer stupid Portlandia fans hovering outside the door, I’m going to sneak out [to attend the Jimmy Carter book signing at Powell’s] and come back later.

I repeatedly heard, “It’s a lot bigger than I thought.” One of them, peering through the front door’s glass, very loudly said, “What is that lady doing in there?” I feel like an animal at a zoo.

After returning from the book signing and parking by In Other Words: Oh, no, more Portlandia fans. Maybe I’ll sit in my car till they walk away.

Another Portlandia fan was just peering through the glass. Now camera and giggles. I’m ducking behind the counter. If I ever become one of those extremely famous in my lifetime, maybe I’ll be as reclusive as J. D. Salinger.


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