One of those Premonition Sort of Dreams

7 May

I had a dream in which I was at a hotel. Two hotel rooms were connected. In both rooms, people stood around talking, mostly around the edges. I didn’t recognize anyone, and nobody acknowledged my presence. It was clear nobody was interested in talking to me, but I didn’t care.

I walked from one to the other. I knew that the second room was where a screening was to take place. This was some sort of conference.

I walked toward the beds, and I saw a former frenemy sitting on the edge of the second bed. We made eye contact, and she sort of winced and tipped her head slightly. I started to open my mouth to greet her, but then I changed my mind and closed my mouth. I started to sit near her, toward the head of the same bed (she sat at the foot), but I decided to sit on the other bed. I more or less reminded myself that she had been mean to me and had only pretended to be my friend. I sat at the head of the first bed, right by the nightstand.

I was looking forward to the screening and didn’t care whether or not anyone was friendly toward me or spoke to me, even though there were quite a number of people around. While I sat waiting, my dad nervously entered the room. He was wearing his pajamas and walking bow-legged as usual and acting rather ungraceful. He told me that he needs my help. He turned and started to leave the room. I quickly got up…and woke up.

Approximately twelve hours after that dream, my mother called me and said the doctor said my dad’s cancer is back.


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