Today’s Asshole Award

15 Jun

Just because you’re a wealthy, old, and arrogant, privileged white male does not mean the world revolves you. And I don’t share your delusions of entitlement, so you may as well keep them to yourself.

The self-entitled perpetual five-year-old bully in question was honking nonstop at me for no reason.  I had been waiting in the left turn lane and was slowly edging forward at the green light and allowing the oncoming vehicles to pass before I began turning. At about the same time that I began turning left (totally legally, at a green light), this arrogant asshole was repeatedly honking his horn. Talk about delusions of entitlement. The friend sitting in my passenger seat said that this self-entitled prick was glaring at us and mouthing at us angrily (in other words yelling).

It’s amazing how perpetual five-year-old bullies, over and over again, flaunt the fact that they’re pathetic wastes of flesh. They think they’re entitled to treat decent people like garbage just because they themselves are the real garbage. That makes absolutely no sense. I wish I had a remote control that I could point at every bully and make them disappear in thin air. Poof!


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