Death and Self-Publishing

19 Jun

A friend has occasionally told me that life happens when you have other plans. Another thing that happens when you have other plans…is death.

I had just ordered a new computer and the proof for my travel memoir, Every Day is Magical: a Buddhist Pilgrimage in India and Nepal. My mother called and said that my dad was being transferred to a hospice center. I dropped everything and bought a plane ticket to Chicago.

I am still crippled with grief, but I returned to Portland, Oregon a week ago and know I need to resume working on my writing career. Tonight I finally returned to the CreateSpace website and have finalized the interior and cover of my travel memoir. (CreateSpace is the self-publishing platform of Currently I have to wait about twenty-four hours for the website to go over the soon-to-be-published book. Then I’ll be able to launch the ebook on Kindle (at least, that’s the way I understand the process—it might be more complicated).

I’m looking forward to publishing and promoting Every Day is Magical, which I’ve dedicated to my father. I assumed I would give him a copy of the published book, but I waited too long to publish it.


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