Purging Yet Another Bully from my Life

27 Jun

I’ve blocked many bullies on Facebook, but only one has been obnoxious enough to send me an aggressive email through Meetup.com. My response was simple and to the point, and in response, this extreme malignant narcissist lashed out at me in an insane, victim-blaming message. The delusions of entitlement of these parasites continue to amaze me. On the bright side, I have officially purged this lunatic from my life. I blocked her on Facebook and Meetup.com. If I run into her in public, it could get ugly, through no fault of mine.

Bereavement puts things in perspective: life is too short to tip-toe around psychotic monsters. Wonderful people pass away, while horrible people prevail. Just because the majority are bad people doesn’t mean I have to be their punching bag.

I shall most definitely base a villain on this bully. She would be perfect as a wicked and insane sorceress.


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