Protesting Too Much

4 Jul

I just emailed two queries to two literary agents, and I’m going over the website of a third. It says that in order to soften the blow of a rejection letter, they send “prayer cards.” It adds that if you find this offensive, you might want to “contact a different agency.”

Wow. How completely insane. Not to mention, of course, arrogant. Jamming your religion down the throat of every poor author who contacts you.

One of the agents does accept queries for Xian books, but I was going to contact the other agent, who says nothing along those lines. Not so much.

I dwelled in the Midwest for the first thirty-seven years of my life. (Yes, I know I should have left sooner, but I used to be one of those chronically depressed people who get stuck in a rut). The reason I bring this up is because to this day I remain traumatized by smug, arrogant, monotheists who thought they were entitled to harass me. It seems that sometimes I can’t even research literary agents without encountering more such arrogant fools.


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