Marketing a book…and struggling with technology

8 Jul

Now that I’ve self-published Every Day is Magical: a Buddhist Pilgrimage in India and Nepal (, I must market it. I’ve been promoting the book on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I emailed information to friends and former traveling companions, and of course to the people in charge of the pilgrimage, In the Footsteps of the Buddha ( I can handle those aspects of technology: social media and email. A demented printer, on the other hand, is a different story.

I spent several hours using InDesign to create fliers and bookmarks for Every Day is Magical. I rushed out to Office Depot and bought a package of bright yellow cardstock (the color of the book’s cover). I brought the cardstock home and put several sheets into the demented printer. It jammed. There doesn’t appear to be any reason for it to jam—unless pure spit is a reason. This printer is maybe three months old and appears to be quite sophisticated. It has animated instructions on how to supposedly un-jam the printer…but the directions are completely at odds with reality.

 Meanwhile, Portland is having a heat wave obviously caused by climate change. Struggling with a demented printer in an apartment that of course doesn’t have air conditioning has resulted in my sweating a great deal and therefore becoming that much more irritated.

I’m finally starting to get the hang of my new laptop computer. It’s been a vicious struggle of several weeks. Not only have I suddenly switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8—drastically different technology—but it’s also a touch screen.

Now if only I could find the external hard drive. I know where all my tiny flash drives are—it’s the relatively large and heavy external hard drive that has vanished in thin air.

 Technology is irritating. Yet I need it for my writing career. Otherwise, I’d probably settle for sketchpads and notebooks.


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