A Dream about my Dad

26 Sep

I had a dream in which my dad and I took outings each day—by bus or train—during the last four days of his life (even though he seemed like his normal self in the dream), and on each of these outings, Peter Capaldi (dressed like Doctor Who, in a black suit) joined us and chatted with Dad.

I recall my dad and I were sitting on a public bus that was parked in a city square, as though we were on a tour bus in India (although I don’t think this was India). It was a bright, sunny day. My dad and I were sitting on the right side of the bus, and as I looked out the window, Peter Capaldi—standing on the pavement next to the bus—looked up at us and motioned to my dad. He then headed over to climb aboard. Next he and my dad were sitting on the bench directly in front of me and chatting away for a long time, for a whole bus ride. This happened two days in a row, and I was glad he was being so kind to my dad, who was acting like his normal, animated self.

My dad and I were on a train that may have been in a wintry region, perhaps the Himalayas. Peter Capaldi climbed aboard and headed down the aisle, and again he sat on a bench right in front of me, with my dad, and they conversed for the entire ride.

This happened a total of four times, once a day, during what I magically knew to be the last four days of my dad’s life. I took comfort in that Peter Capaldi was being so kind to him.

I had other vivid dreams, but they paled in comparison to this one. I’ve forgotten them all, probably in the sheer effort of remembering this one long enough to write about it hours later. Actually, I suspect the intensity of this dream had a lot to do with my remembering it so well.


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