Time Magazine isn’t worth my spit.

27 Sep

As usual, Facebook has a severe case of cooties. Lately I’ve noticed that it tries to make me read such-and-such articles just because the article mentions something or someone in which I’ve shown interest. In this case, the article was from cooties-infested Time Magazine, of all things, sneering at Emma Watson’s feminist campaign and making willfully ignorant comments. This idiot journalist pretends as though feminism isn’t for men and uses that as an excuse to go off on feminism. Clearly this idiot hasn’t read Feminism is for Everyone by bell hooks. And clearly this idiot is flaunting the fact that she’s a blatant anti-feminist.

As usual, Time Magazine has a severe case of cooties. I’ll never forget looking through a Time History of the World page-a-day calendar and noticing that it was almost entirely from a white male perspective—meaning it demonstrated extreme dismissiveness toward women’s history. I saw that a few years ago and have every reason to suspect this hasn’t changed over the years.

Instead of accusing feminists of not caring about men’s issues, Time should start caring about feminist issues and stop pretending as though white males are the only people who matter.

This bigoted article is further proof that Time continues to have a severe case of cooties. Time doesn’t even try to be objective. Time is not worth my time.

The article reminds me of something I’ve observed about mainstream media: a bigoted reporter makes gross generalizations about a group against which they’re prejudiced, and viewers/readers/listeners who share the same prejudice smugly repeat what the journalist said. The group under attack is typically feminists, women, black people or other people of color, poor people, Wiccans, or Muslims.

Suddenly I feel like reading a transfeminist theory book, or that anthology Genderqueer. In other words, I want to read something intelligent and feminist and non-binary that will cleanse me of exposure to that disgusting article.


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