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Promoting Rape on Amazon

15 Oct

A Facebook friend brought to my attention the fact that is selling a pro-rape embroidered patch, and that if you send Amazon an email, they pay attention. This is the message I emailed (after clicking “Help” and “Contact us”:

It has come to my attention that sells an overtly rape-promoting embroidered patch that has the message: “Duct Tape! Turning ‘No, no, no’ into ‘mmm, mmm, mmm’ since 1942.” Manufacturer: heygidday, ASIN: B007WMYO6E. Ironically, the perp selling it describes it as “funny quality hilarious,” extremely inaccurate adjectives.

I suggest that Amazon sells and promotes the anthology Transforming a Rape Culture, and stop selling crap that feeds rape culture.

Every two minutes in the United States, someone is sexually assaulted. One out of every six women in this country will be/have been victims of sexual assault. 97% of rapists don’t spend any time in jail (hardly surprising when online venders like Amazon think it’s appropriate to promote rape).