The Continuing Saga of Centurylink Attempting to Scam Me…Episode 5,000 or So

5 Dec

Even after I sent the latest collection agency my detailed statement making it quite clear and blatantly obvious that I don’t owe Qwest-is-now-Centurylink a cent, collection agency #2 has the audacity to send me a letter calling my letter an “inquiry” and ludicrously claiming that I owe Qwest-is-now-Centurylink $25.38. Um, I didn’t make an “inquiry,” and if someone at this collection agency had actually read my letter, they would know perfectly well that I don’t owe Qwest-is-now-Centurylink anything.

I am quite capable of paying $25.38. I’m sure that would end the harassment. However, it’s the principle of the matter. I don’t owe this evil, scamming company anything, and I’m not awarding them for lying and scamming and harassing me for one and a half years.

Finally, after reading the above absurd letter, I posted on Facebook, “So…Does anyone in the Portland area know a lawyer they can recommend? For the past year and a half, Qwest-is-now-Centurylink has pretending I owe them money that I most definitely do not owe them. Since the first collection agency agreed with me, they’ve sicced a second one on me.”

Friends promptly replied, suggesting filing a claim through the Better Business Bureau or contacting a similar organization, Consumer Affairs. The first time I heard from the second collection agency, I visited the Better Business Bureau website, and I filled out a form about my complaint; I copied and pasted the same thing that I have previously posted on this blog—my original detailed letter and updates. The BBB stated that they would post my complaint on their website and that it would be available for the public to read, but I didn’t see anything about filing a claim.

After reading the Facebook comments, I visited the Consumer Affairs website. I filled out the form with the same information (copying and pasting is a wonderful invention), and I checked a box asking me if I would like Consumer Affairs to share my complaint with a lawyer. So I am waiting to hear from this organization and hope they will have a lawyer take care of this ongoing nightmare.

I am highly tempted to send Collection Agency #2 a second letter, thus wasting another stamp, another sheet of paper, and more printer ink:

If you had actually read my previous letter, you would not still be pretending as if I owe Qwest-is-now-Centurylink money that I obviously do not owe.

One more time: I did not call Qwest-is-now-Centurylink because I wanted to reactive my account. I called to complain because three weeks after I paid off all my bills, they were still not letting me use the internet. In that phone call—and the second, and the third, since they couldn’t get it right the first or second time—I clearly stated that I wished to permanently cancel the account. “Permanently cancel” is not the same thing as “reactivate.” It is practically the opposite.

This imaginary debt is a reactivation fee—in other words, an attempt to charge me for a service I never wanted. More lying and scamming and harassing me on top of lying and scamming and harassing me doesn’t change the obvious fact that I don’t owe these scam artists any money.

If Collection Agency #2 had actually read my previous letter, of course, they would already know all this. Unless they’re sociopaths, they would have by now admitted that I don’t owe the scam artists anything. I hope I hear from Consumer Affairs soon.

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