Snow. Still.

9 Jan


Let’s try hypnotizing snow to make it melt.
You will melt. You are melting. You like melting. You wish to be water.
Okay, I really need to leave the house tomorrow…

The weather report claimed it would be 47 degrees at 4 pm, but it was only 33. Above freezing, certainly, but not enough to melt a significant amount of snow and/or ice. If anything, the fresh rain coming down would no doubt turn into additional ice. I ventured outdoors but not beyond my driveway; I mostly uncovered my car, for the hundredth time wished I had a snow shovel, and checked the trash and yard waste trolleys to confirm that after nearly a week, they remained full.

Today I learned that if you buy a house and haven’t lived in a house in a long time, depending on the climate, one of the first items you should purchase is a snow shovel. This remains true even if you move in summer, because you never know how many times you’ll keep forgetting and/or procrastinating.

Well, I meant to include a photo, but that strangely isn’t happening. Technology is highly overrated.



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