Take Action Tuesday, Week Two

31 Jan



During today’s rally by the courthouse–which is located at a busy intersection–we had some entertainment. A white male slowed down more or less to a stop in the center of the wide intersection in order to repeatedly scream, “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” while leaning toward his window and waving his long, skinny arms around and giving us the finger. If this lunatic was attempting to prove my theory that the only people who continue to support Donald Dump are morons, sociopaths, and/or psychotic humanoids, he succeeded.

That said, we received a great many waves and honks from drivers.


After attending what will likely be a weekly rally at the courthouse, I hand wrote two copies of a brief letter:

Dear Senator,

Thank you for opposing Trump’s unqualified nominees. They are almost as incompetent as he. This has all felt like a satirical, dystopian novel.

On the topic of incompetence, I wonder if you can participate in impeaching Donald Trump. Another option is using Amendment 25: he is mentally incompetent; his actions at least since the inauguration have proved that he is psychotic and has at least two personality disorders: anti-social and narcissist. His behavior is a mixture of absurd…and terrifying.aefvi-ih0mcbihby8o4rmqyco3apxd1ehbpkoo2f8ospx92ib

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